The VT Doggie Guide

An On-going Guide From Our K-9 Adventures in This Dog Friendly State!

Dog Mountain

Ian from Vermontcast explores the trails of Dog Mountain while explaining what makes this a truly unique place to adventure with your K-9 companion.

The Starr Farm Dog Park

It was Spring, 2021 and the warm weather kept getting closer and the mud was starting to dry up (a bit)...

For this adventure Ian started with something for his dog, Laya. The Starr Farm Dog Park! This spacious dog park is a pretty awesome spot for just about any kind of dog. There was a great welcoming committee of very friendly pups on hand to show Laya the ropes.

What makes this a fav Vermont Dog Park of ours is that it is so close to the wonderful Island Line Trail. This trail is an easy hike and not difficult at all to access. As you get down to the water you are greeted by stunning views. The trail winds rights along the lake, just slow down and enjoy the feel of the light breeze coming off the lake.

It's definitely worth checking out. There are great stops along the way; you can walk, bike, check out the dog park, or walk to one of the beautiful beaches along the trail.

What we love about this one is that it is so accessible and just an incredible place. We love a spot that anyone can easily get to and enjoy, but still has those Epic Vermont vibes!

The Waterbury Dog Park

Also known as "Waterbury Unleashed", this is hands down one of our favorite little dog parks in Vermont. The all volunteer run park features great space to run, nearby trails, plenty of parking and is super easy to get to.

The park even has it's own instagram: @waterburyvt.dogpark (click the insta logo below to check that out!)


The Ethan Allen Tower

In early 2021 Ian logged this report after an adventure to this iconic location.

"In Early March I headed toward Heath to explore around Ethan Allen Tower. The weather had been really wild... "

"We had 1 foot of snow, then it melted days later; another storm hit with another foot of snow. Only to be wiped out by rain. With that it was clear mud season in Vermont was just beginning. But there's something about this time of year I love, I think it's the scent of the ground beginning to thaw. Those early signs of life returning, so despite the unpredictable weather I was looking forward to this hike.

The Ethan Allen tower is actually another place I haven't been to yet, but had really wanted to check it out for awhile now. I had heard that there were some good trails to bring your dog on near the tower so I brought my dog Leia along.

After just a few minutes of Hiking we could see the tower and I was feeling that Spring energy. There were certainly signs Spring was on it's way, I was getting excited to get outside go for some more walks in the woods. Despite the name "Mud Season" it's actually beautiful out during this time of year. 40 degrees, which feels warm at the end of winter, but cool enough to make it easy to push yourself further. The sun was trying to poke out all day, and, Leia was having an incredible time." - Ian